We help people communicate with confidence

Strategic, purposeful and clear communication can help you stand out in a busy marketplace, so why leave it to chance?

We build your ability and confidence when it comes to communication, so you can share your ideas, your message and purpose - and do it brilliantly.

This means you can more easily engage and influence the audiences who are important to your business or organisation.

Are you...

... an HR or L&D professional who wants your teams and senior leaders to learn how to confidently communicate their message, so they engage employees and deliver information with clarity?

We help senior/emerging leaders and sales teams.


... a Marketing and Communication professional who wants to increase the visibility of your organisation, so it can be seen as authentic and trustworthy by the audiences that matter to you?

We help develop your ideal brand representatives.

... the MD or owner of a medium sized business and want you and your team to be seen as expert thought leaders in your industry, so you can inspire and influence your customers, suppliers and partners?

We help you make the most of every opportunity.

Email us: hello@bitfamous.co.uk

Our coaching and training 

A practical and fun introduction to powering up your profile using our tried and tested Bit Famous techniques. Teams can try their hand at speaking and presenting, being interviewed on camera and sharing their expertise using social media video.

We'll teach your team to take advantage of opportunities to share their expertise through panel discussions. We show our delegates how to shine as panellists and moderators so they are memorable, engaging and likeable. 

We'll teach your top team or emerging leaders the skills needed to raise your profile, confidently and comfortably. Tailored for you, this training can include presentation skills, developing keynote speeches, panel discussion training, and mastering television or radio appearances.

In this online Confidence Workshop, Penny Haslam shares her 5-steps to building confidence. It's fun, interactive and thought provoking - designed to help your people explore some of the confidence-sapping issues thrown up by remote working.

We will show you how to create authentic and relatable presentations, keynotes and talks. You will learn to engage your stakeholders with personality, while sharing your vision and purpose.

We share our industry insight from years in broadcast journalism, so you can handle any question, deal with controversial topics and keep your cool. Be seen as accessible, authentic and trusted experts.

When you work with Bit Famous you can...

Get known as a thought leader and expert in your field.

Authentically communicate your purpose and influence the audiences that matter to you.

Have confidence in what you say and how you say it.

Engage employees and attract candidates.

Reduce media and marketing spend.

Save valuable time and energy preparing for appearances.

Bit Famous success stories

Bit Famous success stories
Thank you so much for all of the work you have done with us over the past two years. It has made such a difference to our confidence and ability to communicate.
Claire Ainsley, JRF
Bit Famous success stories

No matter who your audience is, you need Bit Famous to help you with your message and performance. We now communicate concisely and with impact.

Silicon Valley Bank
Bit Famous success stories

I find that I’m now inspiring women to think of tech as a career, by being more visible and showing them it's possible.

Beckie Taylor, CEO Tech Returners 

Who's behind Bit Famous?


Penny Haslam, MD and Founder

Penny Haslam is a former BBC business journalist, who was a regular presenter on national television and radio - her credits include BBC Breakfast, News Channel, Panorama, Radio 4 and Radio 5Live. As well as coaching and training clients of Bit Famous, she is a professional motivational speaker on the topics of visibility and confidence. Penny is the author of the business book Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous


Steve Blears, Director

Steve Blears is a former national news journalist, reporting for BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, Radio 5Live and Radio 4's Today. He is now a seasoned TV director and producer, with credits for prime time shows on Channel 4, BBC, UKTV and Sky. He is also a podcast the producer. 

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