women in leadership

10 profound insights about women in leadership that could change the way you do business

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By Penny Haslam

MD and Founder - Bit Famous

Penny Haslam

1. More women in top management leads to higher profits

Firms with 30% women senior leaders can project a15% boost in profitability when compared with male-run organisations.

2. More women in management will make your brand more likeable

Research by Weber Shandwick suggests companies with the best reputations have twice as many women in senior management.

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3. More women in leadership results in higher quality leadership

Organisations, where the majority of leaders are women, have higher overall leadership quality.

Source: Development Dimensions International

Amazing feedback for the
Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous Programme
for women leaders

Tara Rule

Dramatic growth in confidence

The programme has given me the tools to make the most of speaking opportunities, so I can improve the way I help educate and encourage people to be more sustainable. I have also seen others on the course dramatically grow in confidence and we have all stepped out of our comfort zones, trying new things. Penny shared great advice, ideas and support for us time-poor leaders, so regardless of why you want to enhance your profile, this programme can definitely help make you 'a little bit famous’.

Paula McMahon, Engineer, Sir Robert McAlpine

4. Board room gender diversity leads to higher stock market returns

Publicly listed companies with women at board level make more money for investors.

5. Diverse organisations are happier

Diverse organisations are happier with more engaged employees. Diversity broadly, including gender diversity, has been shown to correlate with superior performance in terms of employee engagement.

6. Closing gender gaps unlocks innovation

By closing gender gaps, companies can unlock opportunities for increased profit, growth, and innovation.

7. Diverse businesses have the edge when recruiting talent

Businesses that offer family-life balance, flexible working and family leave outperform in recruitment and retention of talent.

Catherine attended the
Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous Programme
for women leaders

Tara Rule

Fantastic, thought-provoking programme

A fantastic, thought-provoking programme that resonates, inspires and empowers. Penny is so engaging in her delivery and has a style that encourages discussion and engagement from all involved. I joined this programme to gain confidence and quieten the negative inner voice that I always seem to listen to. Simply being around Penny and other like-minded individuals, hearing their stories, hints & tips has helped me achieve that.

Catherine Hesford, Head of HR, Shawbrook Bank

8. Investors increasingly avoid businesses with a mostly male leadership

Investors are more likely to choose businesses with a track record of gender diversity in their leadership team.

9. Businesses with all-male leadership teams make less money

Companies with more gender-balanced leadership outperform those with all-male leadership. There's a direct link between women in leadership and financial performance. 

10. Mostly male leadership can raise a corporate governance red flag

But gender-diverse leadership signals good corporate governance to investors, staff, stakeholders and candidates.

Amazing feedback for the
Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous Programme
for women leaders


A more relatable, truer, version of me

My confidence has increased greatly, particularly around less scripted speaking, for example in interviews and making mini videos. I used to shy away from these opportunities, but now I recognise that I can be a more powerful and more relatable, truer, version of me.

Rowena Birch, OLY, MBA, President of British Judo

I was offered the job!

Penny's presentation planner is a totally different method of planning, but it works. I used it when planning a presentation for interview: the planning time was reduced, I came up with a very clear message and I was offered the job! Without the Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous Programme I'm not sure I'd have even considered applying for the job in the first place.

Claire Crompton, Principal Engineer at Sir Robert McAlpine

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