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Penny Haslam, MD & Founder, Bit Famous

Does your organisation communicate with confidence?

Organisations of all sizes regularly tell us they need to communicate better.


Want to develop and improve, so they can engage employees, share their purpose and be seen as authentic and inclusive.

Emerging leaders and employee brand champions

Want to build their profile and share their expertise but are often unsure where to start.

Communicating with confidence is not just a 'nice to have'

Better communication is not just a 'nice to have' bit of professional development. Poor communication can cost businesses their reputation and integrity, so striving to improve how you do things is high on the agenda. 

The Bit Famous Challenge is an easy way to establish the standard of communication within your organisation and gauge the confidence of your teams. It's also a wonderful way to understand our approach to training and coaching. It's delivered via email over five days.

“No matter who your audience is, you need Bit Famous to help you with your message and performance. We now communicate concisely and with impact.”

Silicon Valley Bank

"Inspiring! It gave me some great tips I can try to put into practice to rise to the challenge and step outside my comfort zone."

Valerie Franklin

Why take the Bit Famous Challenge?

Kick-start a conversation about the quality of communication at your organisation

Discover your people's level of confidence about communicating

Gauge appetite for learning more and developing skill sets.

Who is it for?

It has been created for leadership teams, emerging leaders, sales teams and employee brand champions. It's delivered via email, it's easy, short and completely FREE. 

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If you are responsible for developing your people or spreading the word about your organisation get in touch.* You can select any size of employee group to take the challenge. hello@bitfamous.co.uk

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(*Typically you will be an HR, Learning & Development, communication and marketing professional representing an organisation of 100 plus people.)

“The difference Bit Famous has made is immeasurable. They have helped us transition from using factual language, to communicating as thought leaders, with personality."

Abigail Scott Paul, Deputy Director of Advocacy and Public Engagement, JRF