Get the exposure you deserve, for your career or organisation, with confidence and clarity.

Raise your profile. Or as we call it, make yourself a little bit famous!

We know that 'getting out there' and raising our profile is good for us, for our careers and businesses or organisations. But it can be overwhelming. There are so many options, not enough time in the day and, if we're honest, we worry we might say the wrong thing and look like an idiot!

But being a best kept secret means missing out on all the benefits of being 'known, liked and trusted'.

Getting noticed by the people you need to engage and influence is vital when you want to advance your career, your business or the work your organisation does. People such as colleagues, clients, candidates, partners, stakeholders, suppliers, investors and even policy makers.

Get started with a Bit Famous Workshop

Getting started is key to unlocking all of this, of course - and in our practical and fun workshop delegates learn why powering up their profile is a good thing, and they get to have a go at:

Speaking or presenting to the group

Taking part in a panel discussion

Making a short social media video, using their phone

Being interviewed on 'TV'.

"The feedback for this masterclass has been amazing. It is engaging, fun and makes you think - our people left with real, tangible actions. I highly recommend."

Tara Rule, Senior Director of Commercial Strategy & Operations EMEA, Adobe

We can help you communicate with confidence.

Book your Bit Famous Workshop

Can be delivered remotely, via video, or in person.

The duration of this workshop is flexible to suit your needs and numbers. Clients book it in a variety of formats, for example:

A one-day practical workshop for groups of up to 12 (senior or emerging leaders, ambitious employees)

'Lunch and learn' sessions for larger groups

An off-site / team build half-day session

A board development session.

This workshop helped us realise the benefit of showcasing our expertise.

Nicola Ruane, EY

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