Bit Famous can help you build confident teams
and a confident business.

A more self-assured, communicative and innovative team? What's not to like!

Self-belief is key to so many things. It empowers people to solve problems for themselves, innovate and create, and communicate their ideas, with confidence. And confident people make for confident teams - more flexible, more engaged, more supportive of each other.

And when your teams are confident, well that's when the gold happens, because it paves the way to being a more confident organisation. One that operates with certainty and that is more determined to lean into its purpose.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic Building Confidence Workshop, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve taken away from it. It's had such a positive impact on both my work and my home life."

Creative Design Assistant, JRF

We can help you communicate with confidence.

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Can be delivered remotely, via video, or in person.

Our workshop contains plenty of practical activities and intelligent techniques for dealing with scenarios that make us feel undermined or under-confident. The pillars for the Bit Famous Building Confidence Workshop are:

Mindset: without imposter syndrome and negative self-talk there is nothing to hold you back.

Skillset: learning new skills, being open to new ideas is vital in order to build confidence.

Values: what you stand for, what you believe in - the foundation for confident behaviour and actions. 

We show delegates ways to build their confidence so they can operate with greater self-belief and understanding of their own behaviours and thoughts. And when leaders take part they are able to understand others' confidence (or apparent lack of) and take home an array of skills to support and encourage colleagues.

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