Turn requests from TV, radio & podcasters
into opportunities, not pain points!

Media training that prepares you for combat is counterproductive

A call from a journalist isn't something to fear, it's something to get excited about! Appearing on TV, radio as a podcast guest or in print, is a golden opportunity because you get to share expertise and showcase thought leadership.

But challenging or confrontational media training can fill delegates with fear (a lot of our clients come to us bruised and unsure of themselves, having experienced such training), so we make a point of building confidence and developing talent. We create credible and on-message 'expert commentators', who know how to speak so that audiences listen.

“The training they delivered was fantastic, effective and enjoyable. Essential for any organisation regardless of size or industry.”

Brian Chapman, Director of Corporate Communications, B Braun Medical Ltd

We can help you communicate with confidence.

Book your Bit Famous Media Training

Can be delivered remotely, via video, or in person.

We share our industry insight from years in broadcast journalism, so you can:

Handle any question, deal with controversial topics and keep your cool.

Be seen as accessible, authentic and trusted experts.

Show diversity by creating a 'stable' of brand representatives who can be interviewed.

Save money on media ad spend and actually get more air-time.

Save time preparing what to say - our method means you can focus on your day job.

And as former national BBC TV and radio broadcasters we help you achieve top-level performances, so you can excel in any situation (and get asked back time and time again!).

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