Our values - we believe you can fly

Communicate, communicate, communicate

We are in business to help people communicate with confidence. We believe that everyone has the potential to share their ideas, their message and their purpose with authenticity and passion. We believe it's a waste of talent and opportunity to be a best kept secret - no matter who you are, what level you are at or what you do.

Share it

When people communicate well, they inevitably become more visible to others and we encourage and support that with our training and coaching. And this is another core belief of ours, that being seen is fundamental for sharing your ideas, message and purpose with those you seek to influence and inform.

Show the change you wish to see

OK, so 'show the change you wish to see' is an adpated Gandhi quotation. What it means for us is we suggest to clients that they involve and include a range of people in our training and coaching. As such, we prefer to work with progressive and forward thinking organisations who 'get' the importance of visibility for women, black, Asian and miniorty ethnic people - and who want to make that a priority.

It might be we are training some of your people to speak at industry events, or to go on TV and radio, for example. We say: think about who you are putting forward and make a conscious decision to 'show the change you wish to see'. 

Work harder

We've frequently heard event organisers say it's 'hard work' finding women, black, Asian and minority ethnic people to speak at events, or take part in panel discussions. We then turn to our values and suggest they 'work harder'! When Penny is invited to speak at a conference, moderate a panel or event, or take part in a panel discussion herself, she asks about the line-up. If it's looking like an all white or all male situation, Penny suggests really good alternatives from her broad network. And if diversity appears not to be a priority for that particular event, she'll turn it down the opportunity.