Teams that shine when they take part in panel discussions put their organisation at an immediate advantage.

Say yes to panel discussions and get known, liked and trusted!

When you say yes to taking part in a panel, as a contributor or moderator, you get to shake hands with the whole room in one go. Do a great job of it and you are instantly seen as someone with expertise, with your organisation getting noticed for what it does too.

But many people shy away from this incredible opportunity because they're unsure about what to expect or they worry they'll not get their points across.

Like most things however, as soon as we get some practical experience and professional guidance under our belt, our concerns vanish.

“No matter who your audience is, you need Bit Famous to help you with your message and performance. We now communicate concisely and with impact.”

Silicon Valley Bank

We can help you communicate with confidence.

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Can be delivered remotely, via video, or in person.

We show our delegates how to shine as panellists and moderators so they are memorable, engaging and likeable. And confident, so they can yes every time.

Engage audiences by being relatable and memorable.

Learn how to efficiently prepare what to say, and respond brilliantly to audience questions.

Show diversity and include a range of company representatives to appear on panels.

Take full advantage of opportunities for exposure.

Penny Haslam has been moderating panels for many years, across a wide range of sectors and subjects, and has distilled her experience into practical and fun workshops that show people how to shine when they're at the front of the room. Our clients tell us they now actually enjoy taking part in panels!

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