The Podcast Workshop can unlock your team's profile-raising potential

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All teams have untapped potential when it comes to getting out there and sharing the great work they do. The Podcast Workshop is the ideal way to develop your people's communication skills - while taking action to: 

Share their expertise and get known, liked and trusted

Raise their career profile and that of your business or organisation

Get noticed by the people you need to engage and influence such as colleagues, clients, candidates, partners, stakeholders, suppliers, investors and even policymakers.

By the end of the workshop, your team will be using our tried and tested techniques to communicate with confidence on the microphone - Sharing expertise and thought leadership.

And you'll have a podcast or podcast mini-series which we can help you publish - should you choose. Your team will be ready to look for opportunities to share their expertise on other shows relevant to your business or sector.

Learn the skills that matter with the tech-free Podcast Workshop

As always with our training, the details are taken care of. We'll provide and operate all the mics and recording equipment, the course can be held at a venue of your choice.

No expensive studio time

No editing software or complicated technical equipment to buy or learn

No hosting or publishing systems to worry about

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We can help you communicate with confidence.

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"In a fast-moving and competitive market Bit Famous Ltd has assisted us to grow our market-leading position by helping with communication both internally and externally."

John Billson, MD - Beijer Ref UK and Ireland