Helping women leaders become more visible

It's time to step into your spotlight

You know you have the power to achieve! You want to forge ahead in your career, your leadership role or with your business and you know that being more visible is a main driver for that.

But ask yourself this question: "Is what I'm doing today moving me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?".

If the answer is no, then what's keeping you from raising your profile and raising your game? What do you need to move forward?

Most people usually need a few things, such as:

  • Greater clarity on what it is they want, where they need to be seen and by whom;
  • A refresh of their skills and a chance to learn new ones;
  • A solid strategy and to be held accountable;
  • Critical friend support to overcome whatever is holding them back.

So, is it time to step into your spotlight? If the answer is yes, then we are here to support you...

Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous - in just six weeks!

This six week programme with Penny Haslam combines live group coaching on Zoom with 'own-time' video learning.

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What's included?

Four LIVE group coaching sessions, on Zoom.

1-2-1 coaching call with Penny before the start of programme.

Video learning and resources to support your own-time development.

Exclusive group of (maximum)12 women leaders.

Weekly "Superstar Surgery" Zoom drop-in with Penny.

Access to the cohort’s 'accountability group' on WhatsApp.

A copy of Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous by Penny Haslam.

Amazing feedback for the programme

Paula McMahon

Dramatic growth in confidence

The programme has given me the tools to make the most of speaking opportunities, so I can improve the way I help educate and encourage people to be more sustainable. I have also seen others on the course dramatically grow in confidence and we have all stepped out of our comfort zones, trying new things. Penny shared great advice, ideas and support for us time-poor leaders, so regardless of why you want to enhance your profile, this programme can definitely help make you 'a little bit famous’.

Paula McMahon, Engineer, Sir Robert McAlpine
Catherine Hesford

Fantastic, thought-provoking programme

A fantastic, thought-provoking programme that resonates, inspires and empowers. Penny is so engaging in her delivery and has a style that encourages discussion and engagement from all involved. I joined this programme to gain confidence and quieten the negative inner voice that I always seem to listen to. Simply being around Penny and other like-minded individuals, hearing their stories, hints & tips has helped me achieve that.

Catherine Hesford, Head of HR, Shawbrook Bank
Sara Donnelly


From confidence on camera to thinking about how best to present information, Penny's Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous Programme has been excellent. I've taken away lots of useful and very practical insights and tips that I know will massively help me on my journey to being a confident and authentic speaker. Thanks Penny!

Sara Donnellly, Director Social Tech Communications, Social Group
Rowena Birch

A more relatable, truer, version of me

My confidence has increased greatly, particularly around less scripted speaking, for example in interviews and making mini videos. I used to shy away from these opportunities, but now I recognise that I can be a more powerful and more relatable, truer, version of me.

Rowena Birch, OLY, MBA, President of British Judo
Claire Crompton

I was offered the job!

Penny's presentation planner is a totally different method of planning, but it works. I used it when planning a presentation for interview: the planning time was reduced, I came up with a very clear message and I was offered the job! Without the Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous Programme I'm not sure I'd have even considered applying for the job in the first place.

Claire Crompton, Principal Engineer at Sir Robert McAlpine
Ellie Cronshaw

As soon as I joined the first session, I felt completely at ease

The make yourself a little bit famous programme was excellent. As someone who is relatively new and starting out in their career I was anxious about feeling out of place. As soon as I joined the first session, I felt completely at ease in the group, everyone was so friendly and supportive. Penny was amazing at encouraging everyone to speak and very quickly identified individuals' strengths and areas to work on. The sessions pushed me out of my comfort zone and have given me valuable skills that have already helped with my visibility. I feel equipped with a simple but very effective toolkit that I can use in work and my personal life. I'm much more confident heading into presentations and situations where the spotlight is on me and I'm more comfortable 'putting myself out there'. I would recommend this programme to women at any stage of their career wanting that confidence boost!

Ellie Cronshaw, Learning Manager at Raise the Bar
Penny Haslam

Penny's promise

"Your success is my No.1 priority, that's why my programme has a truly personal approach. I only work with small cohorts of around 12 women who I believe will inspire others and work brilliantly together."