The value of visibility for top teams, emerging leaders and organisations themselves cannot be understated.

Being seen and heard is vital when you need to inform, influence and engage the people around you.

It doesn't matter what you want to achieve or what level you're at, being a best kept secret is never going to help you move forward. 
Within organisations, leaders and ambitious employees need to be seen in order to engage their teams, get buy-in for their ideas and advance their careers. Or they run the risk of losing people's interest and will fail to have impact. 

Externally, visibility is hugely valuable for your business or brand. A modern and progressive organisation doesn't just rely on one main figurehead as its main spokesperson, it develops a diverse range of people who can be act as fantastic brand representatives, and share the task of getting out there.

“No matter who your audience is, you need Bit Famous to help you with your message and performance. We now communicate concisely and with impact.”

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We can help you communicate with confidence.

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Can be delivered remotely, via video, or in person.

Our Visibility Coaching develops strategy and skills to help people do that with confidence, and so they share the right message, in the right way, at the right time. We work with cohorts or individuals to develop a porfolio of skills, so you can:

Attract customers, clients and candidates. Get known, liked and trusted.

Engage employees, reinforce organisational values and behaviours - while communicating with authenticity and gravitas.

Inform and influence your suppliers, partners, your sector, the wider public and the media - as thought leaders.

Working with those who want to raise their profile at work, or with your 'brand representatives' who will be communicating externally, this is our approach:


We develop a 'visibility strategy' aligned to your objectives. It informs what activity will work best for you and where to spend your time and energy.


We teach the skills you need in order to raise profile, confidently and comfortably. That might be improving your presentions at work, developing keynote speeches for industry events, being more memorable when taking part in panel discussions, mastering television or radio appearances or  creating video for social media or communicating via workplace channels.

Goals and Actions

Rather than leave it to chance, we set measurable goals to work towards and achievable tasks to work on in between each session.

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